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Commonly asked questions and answers regarding our Spring raffle:

What are the prizes?

Ipad mini & GoPro Hero 4


Do I get whatever prize I choose or it based on who gets their ticket drawn and makes their selection first?

Both winners get the prize they prefer.


Will be prizes be available that night?

No, because we are offering a selection, the prizes will be purchased and delivered after the drawing is held.


What are the ticket prices?

1 for $5; 3 for $10


What do I do with the tickets after I purchase them?

You may keep all of the tickets you purchase, fill out the bottom stub and return these to Kristy Ferrel or Jennie Kuhlke. Or, you may resell the tickets and have the purchaser complete the stub and return it to you. You must then turn in the completed stusb to Kristy or Jennie prior to the drawing.


When do I need to return the ticket stubs?

Any time before the Varsity game half-time on March 31st.


Do I have to be present at the drawing(s) to win?

No. If you are not present, you will be contacted by phone or email.


When is the drawing? 

Half-time during the Varsity game on March 31st.


Can I sell to people who live out of town?

Yes, but you are responsible for shipping the prize to them.


How many tickets can I buy?

You may purchase as many available tickets as you wish.