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2016 Parent Meeting Recap

For those who could not make it to our Parent Meeting (or anyone who'd like a reminder), below is a synopsis of topics covered:

Our Mission Statement: "To provide a platform for coaches, players, and our families to successfully create and maintain a program that produces a spirited, quality product on-field and a respected student leader off the field."

Volunteering: We have a very involved program and as such, all parents much volunteer to help in some capacity. Each family is responsible for 3 shifts during the season at games or 1 primary role (such as Fundraising Chair, Social Chair, etc)

Communication is Key. We have four primary ways information is communicated to players and parents: 

  • Coach to player - be sure you're talking to your player; he will know best where to be, what's expected, what to bring, etc
  • Player to player - they use Group Me to share info. Be sure your player is included in that. He can reach out to a Senior to be included
  • Website - right here! This handy technology is where you can find most everything you need
  • Emailing and Texting 


  • Scrimmages and tournaments going on this fall
  • Try-out registration begins 1/11 on this website
  • Try-outs begin 1/25 and will continue nightly that week
  • Practices begin IMMEDIATELY after teams are announced and are held daily

Number of Teams: Right now, the number of players we're aware of will result in a Varsity and JV team only. Should more Freshmen show up to try out than we're aware of currently, a Freshman team will be considered.

Fitness Test: This year, a Fitness Test will be used as part of the try-out evaluation process (see details in the left menu). Passing or failing does not automatically mean a player makes or does not make a team but it will have some bearing on that decision. Players should be working during the off-season to prepare themselves physically.

Forms Required: A physical and a number of GHSA mandated forms will be required before a player can attend try-outs. These will be shared closer to try-out time and will be submitted to the school coach. Also required is a US Lacrosse #. Obtain or renew yours at uslacrosse.org.

Dues: Each player should contribute $425 to the booster club; this covers all our costs to operate the program and without them, we could not exist. Parents can pay outright for this or we offer multiple fundraisers so that families need not come out of pocket at all. Varsity players are required to contribute another $75 to cover spring break trip attendance.

The school also has a separate $250 fee for playing a sport ($175 if this is your 2nd sport and $100 for 3rd sport). You CAN fundraise this amount via the below Mens Lax fundraisers and we will transfer the funds to the school on your behalf. 

When are Funds Due? In order to receive player gear at the Face Off dinner, you must have contributed at least 50% of the total dues (either via fundraising or by monetary donation). The balance will be due no later than April 1.

Fundraisers for 2015_16

  • Pine Straw - kicked off now for the fall. See "Fundraisers" in the left menu. This will also be held in the spring. Details about how this applies to your player dues can be found under Documents.
  • BBQ Boston Butts - will be held during October 2015 only (no spring sale)
  • Raffle - starting at the Face Off dinner, we draw for a GoPro camera and an Apple Watch.
  • SELC tickets - purchase in advance of the April weekend and 100% of the cost applies to your due.
  • Sheet Sale - held in the spring

NAA Gala: A new social function being held this year on Saturday, Jan 23. For parents only, this will be a fantastic evening of entertainment, food and drinks, socializing and a silent auction. Plan to attend as we could earn $$ for having the best turn out. 

SELC: a program wide fundraiser for us that all families are expected to assist at for success. Mark your calendars for April 22-24, 2016

Any questions? Email nvtitanslax@yahoo.com.